White Mountains. 4,000 footers #’s 3,4&5 – Tom, Field, Willey

Saturday, Sept 27th, 2014

With a gorgeous indian summer day in the forecast, my buddy Larry and I decided to drive up to the White Mountains for some hiking and peak bagging. He left the route up to me, so I decided on Mts Tom, Field and Willey. Tom and Field can be done by hiking a 7.5 mile Lollipop pattern of trails. Willey can be added on by shooting off from the Mt. Field peak 1.4 miles to the Willey peak. The hike wasn’t too strenuous. About 4,000 total feet of climbing for the day.


My buddy Larry getting ready to head out.


We took the Avalon trail behind the railroad tracks at Crawford.


The terrain felt like I was walking through a Peter Jackson movie!


At the base of the Mt. Tom Spur Trail.


Came across this little girl feeding birds out of her hand on the peak of Mt. Tom.


View from Mt. Tom


None of the peaks seem to be USGS tagged, but all have the cairns on the top. This is on Mt. Field.


Larry descending back towards Crawford.


I shot up the access trail to the peak of Mt. Avalon while Larry continued down. Grabbed a quick self portrait.


Classic fall. Couldn’t help myself.


Larry had a surprise waiting for us!


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